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1096 Hellas Verona Wherever Hellas Great Fanchant Of Verona Playlist
1179 Hellas Verona Fogarina's Grapes Italian Song Changed From The Supporters Of Verona Playlist
1404 Bari Magic Bari Beautiful Fanchant of Bari Playlist
1432 Ascoli Ole Ole Ola Go Ascoli Playlist
1523 Bari We Are Bari North Bari's Tier Playlist
1560 Bari Bari Tier For The Bari Ultras! Playlist
1683 Brescia Brescia Is Our Passion Soulful Brescia Fanchant! Playlist
2058 Bari Always With You North Bari's Tier Playlist
2199 Hellas Verona Hellas Verona Stand up for your team! Playlist
2414 Novara Those Not Jumping Choir Against Varese Playlist
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2524 Novara People Like Us Novara Never Gives Up Playlist
3256 Hellas Verona The Blue/Yellows Are Coming Go Blue/yellow Playlist
3338 Vicenza A Goal Only For The South Vicenza South Tier Playlist
3395 Hellas Verona When Zigoni Scores Choir For Zigoni Playlist
3723 Cesena Cesena Listen to This Song All Of The Affection For Cesena In A Chant Playlist
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