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224 Juventus Who Doesn't Sing When Juve Plays, Who Doesn't Sing Is A Torino Supporter Playlist
392 Milan We Hate Them All A Fanchant Against Juve, Verona and Roma Playlist
647 Inter Black/blue A black/blue heart can only beat for Inter, the others are nothing Playlist
1003 Roma Lazio... A Fanchant Against Lazio Playlist
1122 Lazio Roma... A Fanchant Against Rome Playlist
1300 Roma From Inter A Fanchant Against Inter Playlist
2302 Torino Juve Juve Fanchant Against Juve! Playlist
2383 Milan We Are Not Humpbacks The Milan lot are not happy! Playlist
3167 Palermo We Hate Catania Choir Against Catania Playlist
3510 Genoa Milan on Fire Choir Against Milan Playlist
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3800 Genoa Just Like Juve A Fanchant Against Juventus Playlist
4155 Fiorentina Aquilani A Fanchant Against Aquillani Playlist
4912 Milan Mourinho... Variation On The Polished Scum Bag Theme Playlist
5885 Fiorentina Destroy Rome Fanchant against Rome Playlist
6125 Pescara A Goal for the North Tier Dolphin Tier Playlist
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