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Royal blue and Red football scarf
Magico Genoa Curva Genoana
Royal blue and Red football scarf
Se nu ve piage Coro In Dialetto Genovese
Royal blue and Red football scarf
Vegnivan... Coro In Dialetto Genovese

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Royal blue and Red football scarf

Genoa Cricket and Football Club SpA

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Curva Genoana

Canto del giorno 10 Aprile 2015

“Genoa formed on this day in 1897 making them the oldest footie club in Italy still in existence. Formed by an Englishman, their original kit was similar to that of the England team and their club crest continues to have the flag of St George displayed on it.”
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Genova Genova Genova Genova,
Siamo sempre al tuo lato,
Non ti lasceremo mai...
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